Often asked: I Want A License 4 A Radio Station To Help Disability And The Elderly People How Do I Do It?

Apply for a radio broadcast licence

Small-scale DAB provides a low-cost route for local commercial, community, and specialist music services; restricted service licences are used for short-term events or in-stadium commentary, and small-scale DAB provides a low-cost route for local commercial, community, and specialist music services.

Guidance and application materials

Choosing a transmitter site for your Community Radio station (YouTube video – also available with Welsh subtitles). Ten years of community radio licensing: Advice for license applicants. Guidelines for community radio stations that wish to use volunteer time as part of station turnover.

Application notices and lists of applicants

Community radio license applications received: March 2019. List of applicants, application forms received. Area overlapping with existing services. Invitation to apply for licenses in Northampton (PDF, 200.7 KB), as well as details of those who have applied so far.

Licence awards

West Kent Radio’s coverage area has been revised to reflect the accurate coverage area for Buchan Radio. Digital Additional Sound Service (DAS) application form (DOC, 94.0 KB). Ofcom does not regulate online-only radio services, so they do not require a licence. On July 26, 2020, Ofcom re-awarded Inrix UK Ltd the Additional Services Licence.

How do I get a radio Licence UK?

Applicants must pass an examination at the corresponding level to demonstrate that they have the skills to use amateur radio at that level, which are administered by the Radio Society of Great Britain (‘RSGB’), the UK’s main representative body for radio amateurs.

How much is an Internet radio license?

SoundExchange charges $500 per year, while BMI charges $352. However, costs can fluctuate depending on royalty rates and other factors around the world, and are subject to change over time.

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How do I start a radio station?

What is the Best Way to Start a Radio Station?

  1. Apply for a frequency. It can take a long time to get a frequency [source: FCC].
  2. Apply for a license. It’s illegal to operate an unlicensed radio station, even at low power [source: FCC].
  3. Find a funding source.

How do I start an Internet radio station legally?

YouTube has more videos.

  1. Get an FM Radio License (Optional) If you’re starting an internet radio station to broadcast copyrighted music, you’ll need an FM radio license.
  2. Create a Brand Name.
  3. Find Content to Broadcast.
  4. Promote Your Station.
  5. Connect Your Broadcast Server.
  6. Set up Monetization.

How much is a radio license UK?

Simple Site Light: This licence allows you to use a radio system with a base station and mobile stations within a small area (typically 1 kilometer or less) for a fee of u00a375 for five years. The frequencies available under this licence class are typically used for radio paging systems.

Do you need a licence to listen to the radio?

No, a TV licence is not required to listen to the radio (including BBC Sounds).

Do you need a license for an internet radio station?

Broadcast media subject to licensing is distinguished from other electronically disseminated audio-visual content, especially on the Internet, by the fact that Internet radio programs are broadcast exclusively over the Internet and do not require a license.

Can you make money with an internet radio station?

Internet radio stations, like traditional terrestrial radio stations, make money primarily from advertisements and sponsors, which can range from on-air commercials to Google ads placed on their website. Your marketing options and revenue grow as your listenership grows.

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Do internet radio stations have to pay royalties?

Yes, even if your song is only played on a small internet radio station or in an indie film, you’re usually due royalties, which are paid out in a variety of ways but almost always go through a pay source or collection society like a Performing Rights Organization (PRO).

How much does it cost to start a FM radio station?

In such cities, a minimum net worth of Rs 50 lakh is required to bid for a station, in addition to the bidding price, which starts at a minimum reserve price of Rs 5 lakh.

What equipment do I need to start a radio station?

Radio stations require a wide range of equipment, including microphones, transmitters, audio mixers, and headphones, to name a few. Your best bet is to contact a professional radio broadcast equipment seller who can help you figure out what equipment will work best for you.

Can I play any music on my internet radio station?

You can’t just play any music you want legally as a noncommercial broadcast radio station (that may also stream over the Internet); you need permission. Fortunately, you don’t have to go around cutting checks to every band whose music you use; instead, you can pay to license music in bulk.

What is the service that allows radio stations to stream through the Internet?

Internet radio (also known as web radio, net radio, streaming radio, e-radio, IP radio, and online radio) is a digital audio service delivered over the Internet. It is referred to as webcasting because it is not distributed widely via wireless means.

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